Camper Van hire in Norway

If you like to travel on your Holidays without spending a lot of money, you might want to consider a Camper Van hire in Norway. It gives you the freedom to keep your own schedule, while providing you with many of the comforts of home. Plus it doubles as a rental car.

A camper van is cheaper than a hotel, while being much easier to set up than a tent. It also provides better protection should the weather turn bad, so you can take advantage of off season travel.

You can find camper vans that will sleep anywhere from two to six people, so it’s easy to accommodate any number of people who wish to travel together on Holidays. They generally come fully equipped so you don’t need to worry about bedding, cooking utensils, dishes, et cetera. Some even have showers.

If you’re flying into Norway, some rental agencies will even provide transportation between the airport and the rental site. It’s also possible to pick up your camper van in one Scandinavian city or country and drop it off in another one so you don’t have to double back on your route.

Looking for adventure? A Camper Van hire in Norway may be the ideal solution for your next family vacation. You can also check out this New York Times article about when you should travel to Norway.

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  1. Camper van is really very big and spacious. further more its easily available too in Norway. I think this probably is the reason of its popularity in Norway….

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