Photographing food in Oslo – test of Alex Sushi

After moving to Oslo I have started testing restaurants and city, and I even started a website about this. You can visit the site at, but be warned as everything is in Norwegian.

One of the best places I have tested is Alex Sushi. They are known as one of the best sushi restaurants outside Japan so I had to test it out.

We had to order a place at the sushi bar because Alex Sushi is very popular. Below you can see a picture when we are sitting in the bar enjoying sake and Japanese beer Kirin.

Kokk på Alex Sushi

As a starter I ordered some sea weed salad that tasted wonderful. The green salad also looks great.

Sjøgress salat Alex Sushi

This time at Alex I did not order a big main dish (the prices are pretty high). The main dish consisted of unagi (eel) and raw whale that is fried for a couple of seconds on each side. Both types of nigiri tasted great, but the whale was incredibly good! I also ordered some special Alex maki that also was great.

Alex Sushi

If you ever visit Oslo and have a big wallet I would really consider going to this place. I would go for one of their menus as their are supposed to be great.

Stay tuned for more photos of dishes from restaurants in Oslo.