My favorite macro pictures from 2007 taken in Northern Norway

I’m a big fan of taking macro pictures, especially close up pictures of insects.
Here is a selection of my favorite macro pictures that I took in 2007.
Hope there will be lots of insects and other creatures to photograph in 2008 😉

Macro photo of hermit crab and barnacle

Macro photo of hoverfly on dandelion flower

Macro photo of five-spot burnet moths mating on flowers

Macro photo of Common Hawker dragonfly

A closer view of a snail

Check out my archive of macro photos.

20 thoughts on “My favorite macro pictures from 2007 taken in Northern Norway”

  1. Thomas,

    Wonderful macro shots. It is very cool for me to see the little creatures that live in Norway. The Hermit crab really surprised me! The moth shot looks as if you mirrored one side to the other, but you didn’t. Very cool.


  2. Wonderful photos!

    I’ve never seen a dragonfly with that kind of body! (They look much less foreboding, here in the northeast USA–at least the ones I have seen close up…)

  3. To me, this is one of the glorious things about the internet. We may never be able to travel to see these things in person, but you have brought us face to face with them, as it were. All of the photos are terrific!

  4. What wonderful macros. Sometimes, there is such beauty in these tiny packages, and we just cannot see it with the naked eye. Your photography is really outstanding, I love every visit here.

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