Picture of Elephant Hawk-moth (Deilephila elpenor) photographed in Oslo

Picture of Elephant Hawk-moth (Deilephila elpenor) photographed in Oslo
Taken with Apple iPhone 3GS phone camera July 10th 2012. Click image for larger view.

Walking home from work I came across this colorful moth laying on the street. I have seen a moth like this before so I had to do some researching to figure out what kind it was. Unfortunately the moth was dead, but I was able to get a picture of it with my phone.

After a while I found the moth to be a Elephant Hawk-moth (Deilephila elpenor), an insect in the Sphingidae family. The moth is pretty large and has a fabulous coloring which you can see in the photo (click the picture to view the moth in large format). This moth is lives all over the southern parts of Norway, but it is also believed to be spreading further north. The moth can be found in most parts of Europe and also in Asia.

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Information about the picture:
Camera: Apple iPhone 3GS
Exposure 0.005 sec (1/190)
Aperture f/2.8
Focal Length 3.9 mm
ISO Speed 64
Location: Oslo, Norway