My favorite macro pictures from 2007 taken in Northern Norway part 2

When I made the first post with my favorite pictures from 2007 I realized that I had more faves than I could fit into one post. So here is the next batch of my favorite macro photos taken in Northern Norway 2007.
Click on the pictures to see a larger version and if you click on the individual links you can read more about each picture.

Macro photo of ant dragging a spider
If you look closely you can see the ant is dragging a spider.

Macro photo of Ichneumon wasp
This freaky creature is a sort of Ichneumon wasp that lay eggs into other insects. Their larvae live as a parasite of other insects.

Close up photo of a water drop against yellow lichen with reflection of me, the sun and a mountain
If you look at the picture large you can see the reflection of me, the sun and a big mountain.

Picture of a bumblebee
Bumblebees are beautiful and fascinating. Check out this post for more bumblebee pictures.

Macro picture of a sawfly with blue eyes
Loved the blue eyes on this sawfly.

19 thoughts on “My favorite macro pictures from 2007 taken in Northern Norway part 2”

  1. Wow, those are amazing! The critters kind of give me the creepy-crawlies, but I love the one where I can see your reflection in the water droplet.The colors are beautiful!

  2. Wonderful macros! Although I don’t enjoy the presence of insects, small or large. But they’re fascinating to look at–just as long as they’re depicted in photos and aren’t crawling on me!

  3. All of them are amazing – what lovely macro pics – thanks for sharing!

    It’s hard to chose between them, but my fave would be the sawfly. It’s so colourful and sharply captured.

  4. wow, amazing shots you got there! Love the one where the ant was dragging the spider. Are those photos cropped or it’s the original sized pics? What lens are you using? I’m using an SP90mm on a Canon 400D, still new to macro, any pointers? 😀

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  6. I really like those macro photos. How do you do that? Can you do it with a regular digital? I am starting to take photos. I find it fascinating and yours are superb

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