Blog Action Day – Nature is under threat in northern Norway

Today over 14,000(!!) bloggers will blog about environmental issues as a part of the Blog Action Day.
I feel very strong about environmental issues because I grew up close to the nature and as I grew older I understood all the threats against mother earth.

The biggest threat up here in the north is probably against life in the ocean. The fisheries are getting more and more efficient and the fish stocks are in real danger of collapsing.
In recent years oil companies have started to drill for gas and oil up here in the north. Any spills from this will have be a disaster for the fish stocks and bird populations. There is also great concern for what the drilling itself does to the life in the ocean.
And who knows what results will come from global warming…

We can all try a little harder to take care of the nature and Blog Action Day is a good way of reminding ourselves to take more care of the nature 🙂

Here is a few examples from my photo collection of reasons why I want to preserve the beautiful nature around us.

Macro photo of five-spot burnet moths mating on flowers
Macro photo of five-spot burnet moths mating on flowers

Photo of Atlantic Puffin
Photo of Atlantic Puffin

Taking pictures while laying in a buttercup meadow
Taking pictures while laying in a buttercup meadow

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14 thoughts on “Blog Action Day – Nature is under threat in northern Norway”

  1. Over-harvesting of the oceans, exploring and drilling for oil & gas, deforestation, etc are all common themes where economic and monetary considerations of governments and MNCs far outweigh the need to look after the only home we will ever have.

    Despite increasing evidence that man’s actions is significant in contributing towards global warming, major greenhouse gases emission economies are unable (or unwilling?) to come up with a responsible course of action to address issues. It is up to the common people through campaigns like Blog Action Day to have their voices and opinions heard.

    Sorry for the long comment, just could not help myself after your great post and superb photos! Take care.

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  3. Thanks for all the comments 🙂

    MyDen: I totally agree. What worries me is that the population here in northern Norway generally is in favor of the oil drilling because it will create some new jobs. These jobs will of course only exist in a relatively short time period, but money is what matters..

  4. Thank you for participating in Blog Action Day.

    I did not participate. However, I wrote a belated post about a topic that may have a direct impact on the global warming issue:


    You can find it at:

    Please share this with your readers. Usually I do not ask for this kind of help, but the topic is that important to me. Anything you can do to promote this link or awareness of this issue would be deeply appreciated.

    Thank you.

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