Photos from Northern Norway 2009 calendar for sale

Photos from Northern Norway 2009 Calendar
My 2008 Photos from Northern Norway calendar was a pretty big success with many people thanking me for making such a nice calender so I decided to make a 2009 version of the calendar. The calendar is made up from the same pictures as last year, but new and old readers might interested in a calendar consisting of Norwegian scenery for the next year.

The Photos from Northern Norway calendar consists of 12 pictures that I have hand picked to represent each month of the year.
You can check out the individual pictures here:

  • January – Winter landscape, young seagull and fata morgana
  • February – Photo of pebble beach and a mountain covered in snow
  • March – Windy weather beyond the polar circle
  • April – A closer view of a snail
  • May – Photo of sunset at 01:30 AM – Midnight sun is here
  • June – Photo of old fence keeping out hordes of yellow flowers
  • July – Amazing red sunset at midnight in Northern Norway
  • August – Wide angle picture of sunset on a beach
  • September – First snow in the mountains – autumn soon to come
  • October – Winter has come to Northern Norway – Photo of waves on the coast
  • November – Boatshed in snowy weather
  • December – Photo of blizzard
  • You can check the calendar out and other products in my Cafepress shop.

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    1. Absolutely beautiful! The pictures are amazing. Did you take them all? If you did you have real talent for photography. I just love the calendar. Thank you for sharing this.

      Love and Blessings,

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    4. Your pictures are wonderful ! May I use one of your fotos for my website banner about my breed of norwegian forest cat ?

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